Sunday, December 2, 2007

Kurita Museum Hallway (Part 1)

Day 4 - Kurita Museum Hallway (Part 1)

We stumbled upon the Kurita Museum of Tochigi Prefecture by accident. We were heading for an art museum in Tatebayashi, Gunma. After a long journey with many train changing, we get to the right place, but we're not sure exactly where it is. A very nice Japanese man not only shows us the way, but drives us there. The place turns out to be closed, for that day only, so the man takes us to this museum, the Kurita Museum. It's a beautiful museum made of different buildings and gardens and it was a really lucky find. This dark and mysterious hallway was in one of their more unusual buildings.

Lessons Learned:
This turned out to be less of a sketch and more of a big, multi-day painting. The reason being that I wanted to really make crisp clear edges to everything, giving it more of a finished feel. After laying down a quick sketch, I went in to add detail to the stairs. I used guides to make sure the lines were straight. Otherwise, nothing new learned.

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