Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Комикс "Мист", теперь на русском! Myst Comic now in Russian!

Комикс "Мист", теперь на русском! Myst Comic now in Russian!

Read it here:

A friend, Dagnarus, over at smackjeeves, has been kind enough to start translating my Myst comic into Russian! How cool is that?!?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


On Sunday I was practicing drawing skulls. I imported a 3D skull model into google sketchup and took a bunch of screenshots from different angles. I put those screenshots into Photoshop and traced over them. Then I tried to test myself, and fill in the gaps and compare my habits of drawing heads to the reality of the shape. And I drew from some photography portraits on DA. Lots and lots of drawing. In the end, these were the nicest, so here they are!

I feel like I learned how to draw contours first, then learned the muscles ... and now I'm finally really taking a good look at the skeletal system. Why didn't I start with skeletons? They are the foundation of it all, right? anyhoo, I felt like this drawing session I learned a lot of things ... and stuff I already knew is clicking into place in a nice way. joy.

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