Monday, December 17, 2007


Day 17 - Sundowners

I don't know about other places, but in Sweetwaters, a conservancy in Kenya, there is a thing called "sundowners." Where you get some alcohol and friends and drive out to some lookout point to watch the sunset and drink. On once such excursion, I took this picture.

Lessons Learned:
This was a nice lesson: When you have a picture with both an evening sky and the earth, the earth will look dark, but rich. And the sky will still look bright. In fact, if I replaced the grass with a more lighter, faded color, you would think it was a totally different time of day.

Also, I learned something about painting trees. Usually, to make trees, I paint blobs of green overlapping in a circle shape. Those blobs represent the sides of the canopy where, from a side view, perspective forces leaves to overlap and making solid shapes. In the middle of those blobs would be lines of varying thickness representing the trunk and branches. After that it was sort of fuzzy. But then I realized that there would be some blobs in the middle too, from thick branches, on either side of the tree. But most important, there should be some area where you can see the other side.

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