Sunday, December 2, 2007

Full Moon

Day 3 - Moon

I always look at a gorgeous full moon with a pang of regret since it's so blooming hard to take a picture of. But finally, I got a good one: I set the camera on top of my bike to stabilize it, set the light value very low to eliminate the glow and set the timer. Ten seconds later I had a picture of a black sky and a moon, although unnaturally colored, covered in delicious textured awesomeness.

Lessons Learned:
Not much to say here. There were a lot of sparkly bits, but no strong highlights. So, I increased the lightness/whitness of the base color slowly and sprinkled that color in various places. If any started to stand out too much, I'd smite it was a little blending action. Finally, I made the moon yellowish. I had done the whole painting in gray tones (matching the unnatural lighting of the picture) but with a touch of yellow blended on a separate layer felt right. It's hard to go wrong with painting the moon. It's inherently abstract and immediately recognizable to the human eye.

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