Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pen Sketches at the Zoo

Grevy's zebra and asian elephant

pen sketches from the zoo - elephant and zebra

Peccaries (and a mischievous squirrel who tried to raid my bag while I was watching the peccaries)

pen sketches from the zoo - peccaries

Clouded leopards 1

pen sketches from the zoo - clouded leopard

Clouded leopards 2

pen sketches from the zoo - clouded leopard

I went to the zoo the other day to get some exercise and drew these sketches. Last time I did this, I found it really helpful to stick to one animal for at least a half hour or hour and really work at it until I felt comfortable drawing it's form. But this time, I did my usual thing of moving from animal to animal fairly quickly.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

National Gallery Sketches

I did these sketches during two trips to the National Gallery in Washington DC. When I went there the first time I thought that a lot of the artwork looked familiar ... and then I realized that I had a giant book of artwork from the National Gallery that I bought at a book sale before I moved to DC.

Gorillas at the National Zoo

The National Zoo has a really nice Great Apes section. The walls are glass so you can go right up and sit next to the gorillas. I don't know if they care for it though ... Anyway, there's a baby there! It's so cute! You can usually tell if it's visible because there's always a big crowd standing wherever it is.