Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Catherine's Prison - Starry Expanse Project

A little more than a week ago, the Starry Expanse Project released a demo of their work recreating the real-time version of the Prison Island from Riven. It’s a big file to download. My computer struggled with the highest quality setting, but I felt like the lower quality settings were just as satisfying. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

It was beautiful! I felt a rush of memories. The music, the birds calling, the water lapping. It felt strange seeing Catherine’s prison without Catherine in it. I loved seeing day turn to night from within her room.

I was feeling inspired, so I decided to make this comic page about Catherine sitting in the prison. I originally was going to do one painting, then it became a three panel comic then it became a nine panel comic. (Why do I always multiply my workload by 3?) Anyway, MANY hours later, I finished this page. Ta-Da. Catherine in her prison.

The stars remind her of Atrus.

What did you guys think of the demo?

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