Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Printed Myst Comic, Part 2 (with Magcloud)


I was contacted by a representative from MagCloud who apologized for the crumpling/discoloration issues and offered to send me a free copy. I received the copy yesterday (5/12/2012) and it looks great! Thank you MagCloud!


These pictures look exactly like the ones here, but they are actually different books! (sorry the pictures aren't as good)

For the previous book, I used For this book, I used, recommended to me by Artoveli and Shoomlah.

I can't say I like the MagCloud or the Lulu book 100% better than the other. They are mostly the same, both have pros and cons. In case anyone's interested, here's my thoughts comparing the two:

The Magcloud book was definitely cheaper than the Lulu book. That's a big plus in its favor.

The sizes are different. The closest fit for the comic on Lulu was 7x9 inches. The Magcloud size is 5.5 x 8.5 in. The Magcloud is smaller, but still a comfortable read (for me anyway).

Lulu's page size is proportionally taller than my comic pages, so I can't have my pages maximally to the edges if I want more inner margin (and the Lulu version needed it).

The MagCloud size is longer than my content, so there's room for an inner margin. And the content goes right up to the other edges (top, bottom, outer). I like that.

I think the Lulu one was a little more polished. The Lulu cover was glossy (I kinda liked that). Also, two of the MagCloud pages were somewhat crumpled. And one page had a slightly discolored bar across it. Overall, nothing terrible, but I thought it was worth noting.

Magcloud printed significantly darker than Lulu. If I print with them again I'll have to remember to lighten my images a bit first.

Also, MagCloud automatically puts a small QR code on the back of the book in the lower right hand corner.

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