Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rough Animation - Gynmastics

so I sent off my application for the Pixar internship on monday. Yay! But I'm not feeling so optimistic. I got feedback on my portfolio from some Dreamworks story people two weeks before that, and I didn't have time to do anything about their feedback before sending out the portfolio. >_<

But now that I've sent it off, it's practice time! The Dreamworks folks talked about more gesture practice, drawing from films/etc, to build a vocabulary of action poses. So I started doing marker gestures from gynmastics videos the past few days. It's been fun. And then I wanted to do some kind of small animation.

I started doing it in Flash, but the drawing tools in Toon Boom are so much nicer. Almost like photoshop.

Also, when I hear the word "gymnastics" I hear my mom's voice ... she says it with a long drawl on a: gymnaaaastics. I remember watching the olympics on tv with my mom, and she says "Heather, why didn't you stick with gymnaaaaastics? You see, if you had stuck with gymnastics, that could be you!" Oh mom.

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