Sunday, April 13, 2008

“Link’s Prize” – Legend of Zelda animated short

Here it is:

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="500" height="333" /]

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Finally, after two months, it's finished! Yay!

If you're curious how I made this animation, please check out the following series:
Part 1: Idea and Storyboards
Part 2: Making an Animatic
Part 3: Drawing the Backgrounds
Part 4: Animation Preplanning and Animating
Part 5: Painting the Backgrounds
Part 6: Coloring the Animations


  1. Very well done! I just stumbled upon your incredible site, and I wondered why hadn't I seen it before? You have excellent FBF skills and like everyone that possesses them, you make it look very easy.

    I consider myself an above average artist but when it comes to doing FBF I crumble. However, I am an infant to animation of any kind so I am having patience with myself. With sites like this there is hope even for me, Thanks!

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